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Exciting news!

I have added a new camera to my extensive gear list, the new Sony FX6 digital Cinema camera. This camera will compliment my other professional cameras, the Sony F5 and Sony a7RIII, while adding extra flexiblity to my shooting gear.

The Sony FX6 is based on Sony’s Top of the range Venice camera sharing the same colour science and full frame sensor, which mean it produces stunningly beatuiful images with about 14 stop impressive dynamic range. It is inside a compact body that’s ready for grab and shoot action.

This camera is small and light allowing use for easy hand held work, but has all the bells and whistles you expect on a professional 4k Cinema camera. The camera has industry leading atuo focus so works amazing well as an unmanned second camera for corporate video shoots or live streaming. It also has mind blowing 120 frames per second at the 4K (QFHD) resolution with full control over the captured frame rate from 1 to 120fps, allowing for precise motion narratives.

This new gear allows for more options for videography as well as on Live streaming events, allowing more camera to capture your event with more angles at a very competitive rate.

I am looking forward shooting with the new FX6 on the north coast of NSW and south east Queensland, anywhere betwen Byron Bay and Brisbane.

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