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Live Streaming and Webcasting

Reach your audience - no matter where they are

Why use Live Streaming?

Today’s ‘new normal’ means live streaming is being used more than ever.

Its role has quickly transformed from a casual way to communicate into a vital tool for marketing, promotions, management, leadership and staff training.

The novelty of the popular low-quality streaming is gone. Increasingly businesses are seeking a more professional, time-smart, engaging streaming.

Live streaming’s popularity will only continue to grow. It’s a convenient, cost-effective way for companies of any size to communicate in real time with their audiences, anywhere, at any time. When done well, it’s highly engaging and therefore very effective.

It’s time to say goodbye to amateur streams, with their unflattering camera angles, poor lighting and sound and distracting background noises, and present professional live streams that make you look and sound great.

Professional Live Streaming gives you the edge

With its high quality production, professional live streaming gives your business the edge by attracting more viewers and engaging them for longer. Whether you want to engage two or 200 people, a professional production gets your messages across effectively because as our clients tell us, it’s a pleasure to watch.

The benefits of professional live streaming include:

  • Immediacy – Reach across multiple offices and time zones
  • Better engagement – Connect face-to-face without the jet lag
  • Increased brand awareness – Driving travel costs down and engagement up
  • Enhanced customer and employee loyalty – Essential for any business in this competitive market
  • Digital inclusion: Live streaming is the most effective way to reach a large (or small) and geographically spread out audiences without the usual associated costs and time.
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Why Minds Eye Films Live Streaming?

Single or Multi Camera setup

We offer the choice of single and multi-camera live webcasting for a truly professional look – ideal for broadcasting events, announcements, company messages, conferences, workshops and training sessions to your worldwide audience or your local community

Platform of choice

We can live stream to Facebook, YouTube or almost any other platform. We can also stream to Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Skype – and many more. Just let us know what you use and we can get you on there looking and sounding great.

Experienced Crew

We combine vast broadcast experience and expertise with the latest digital gear. We set up quickly and produce excellent results at the location of your choice.

Onsite setup

We come to you, regardless of your location. We bring the Live Streaming / webcasting rig to your office, home or other offsite location of your choice

We us a mix of Professional Broadcast TV gear and High definition cameras, professional audio and TV lighting gear. We have a huge range of lighting and other equipment to give your live stream or webcast the polish your audiences want to see.

What does our Live Streaming service cost?

Our most affordable live streaming service includes all the live streaming webcasting gear required, plus one camera operator/technician and 2 cameras, lighting and sound gear to live stream to Facebook, Zoom, Teams, Youtube etc. This is suitable for corporate announcements or small events and starts at $1200 plus GST. For larger projects or when multiple camera operators are required, please get in contact to discuss your options and for a quote.