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Live Stream easily

Our Live Streaming gear includes the ATEM Mini Extreme ISO at its heart which is an advanced switcher for true professional results!

With this switcher I can input 8 cameras, computers, video or graphics sources.  There are also 4 chroma keyers, 6 picture in picture DVEs, 2 media players, and a multiview and aux outputs! A truly powerful machine.

I have the switcher housed in a sleek case that allows for SDI and HDMI input and output. The setup has a router and gigabit switch to allow connectivity to Ethernet, Wifi and 4G/5G tethered mobile data ensuring seamless internet connection for reliable Streaming.

The gear is setup to work with almost any other gear, each of the 8 inputs features their own dedicated standards converters.

Our Live streaming technician and gear makes it easy to create great looking professional multi camera productions for live streaming to YouTube, Facebook, Twitch and more as well as innovative business presentations using Skype, Teams, Zoom or your own corporate video messaging platform.

But having great gear isn’t the only thing, we know how to use it to its best, ensuring great looking live streams.

I look forward to helping you Live stream on the north coast of NSW and south east Queensland, anywhere between Byron Bay and Brisbane.

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